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About Us

Since 1994 CEVA COMPUTER CORPORATION has provided Unisys customers a cost-saving and quality marketplace for their IT purchases. A marketplace was created by a dealer with a working knowledge of all Unisys platforms and a willingness to inventory systems. This commitment to inventory insures that we have the product you're looking for. We offer fast delivery and can guarantee the quality and condition of the product. Our in-house technical staff thoroughly configures, tests and refurbishes each piece of equipment prior to shipment. We never ship equipment that has not been thoroughly tested and refurbished by our technical staff.

We buy, sell, lease and repair a wide range of Unisys, EMC and Storagetek equipment including systems, upgrades and parts as well as complete disk and tape subsystems and other peripherals.

CEVA COMPUTER CORP has a green eco-friendly recycling program whereby we re-use, re-sell or properly recycle your outdated IT Equipment.

In this ever changing marketplace of new products, we can help protect your investment in the hardware you currently have. In this 24/7 world, it just doesn't make sense for an engineer to show up to your site without the necessary parts to repair your system. We can provide you with a complete configured back-up system that would make available any part necessary to get your system up and running when the engineer arrives. We can also recommend some on-site spare parts for your system that will eliminate single points of failure.

In addition, we offer repair services for such products as Tape Drives, Tape Libraries, Printers, Switches, Servers and Terminals. We typically complete repairs the same day, and there is no charge if we are unable to cost effectively repair your product.

With our experience and expertise, we have the knowledge to answer your questions and provide you exactly what you need at the best price possible.

We buy, sell, lease, repair, maintain, and provide site spares.