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Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys SE225111 System: 2200/500 SE 1X1X1
Unisys SE225211 System: 2200/500 SE 2X1X1
Unisys SE225222 System: 2200/500 SE 2X2X2
Unisys E225111 System: 2200/500 E 1X1X1
Unisys E225211 System: 2200/500 E 2X1X1
Unisys E225222 System: 2200/500 E 2X2X2
Unisys 22511 System: 2200/500 2X1X1
Unisys 225222 System: 2200/500 2X2X2
Unisys 225322 System: 2200/500 3X2X2
Unisys 225422 System: 2200/500 4X2X2
Unisys M225433 System: 2200/500 M 4X3X3
Unisys M225533 System: 2200/500 M 5X3X3
Unisys M225633 System: 2200/500 M 6X3X3
Unisys M225744 System: 2200/500 M 7X4X4
Unisys M225844 System: 2200/500 M 8X4X4


Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys SE225111-S21 Upgrade: SE225111 to SE225211
Unisys SE225211-S22 Upgrade: SE225211 to SE225222
Unisys E225111-111 Upgrade: E225111 to 225111
Unisys E225111-E21 Upgrade: E225111 to E225211
Unisys E225211-211 Upgrade: E225111 to 225211
Unisys E225211-E22 Upgrade: E225211 to M225222
Unisys E225222-222 Upgrade: E225222 to 225222
Unisys 225111-211 Upgrade: 225111 to 225211
Unisys 225211-222 Upgrade: 225211 to 225222
Unisys 225222-322 Upgrade: 225222 to 225322
Unisys 225322-422 Upgrade: 225322 to 225422
Unisys 225422-M43 Upgrade: 225422 to M225433
Unisys M225433-M53 Upgrade: M225433 to M225533
Unisys M225533-M63 Upgrade: M225533 to M225633
Unisys M225633-M74 Upgrade: M225633 to M225744
Unisys M225744-M84 Upgrade: M225744 to M225844
Unisys 225032-MI Memory: Initial 32MW MSU
Unisys 225064-MI Memory: Initial 64MW MSU
Unisys 225032-MSU Memory: 32MW MSU Upgrade
Unisys 225064-MSU Memory: 64MW MSU Upgrade
Unisys 22500-CLK Instl: Regular System Clock
Unisys E22500-CLK Instl: Model “E” System Clock
Unisys M22500-CLK Instl: Model ”M” System Clock
Unisys 22500-IP Proc: Instruction Processor Part# 78413002-100
Unisys 22500-IOP Instl: Input Output Processor Part# 78407756-001
Unisys 22500-NIM Instl: Network Interface Module Part# 78413705-001
Unisys 22500-XBR Instl: Crossbar Cabinet with XBR Clock
Unisys SE22545-BMR I/F: BMC Rack w/ IOP 500SE
Unisys 22545-BMR I/F: 22500 BMC Rack w/ IOP
Unisys 22545-BMC I/F: 4.5 Block Mux Channel
Unisys SE22500-4BM I/F: SE22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys SE22500-BM2 I/F: SE22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys 22500-4BM I/F: 4.5 Block Mux Channel
Unisys 22500-BM2 I/F: 22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys CA312-SCI Adapter: Scsi Diff Channel Adapter
Unisys SE22500-SC Console: SE 2200/500
Unisys 22500-SC Console: 2200/500
Unisys 22500-BLK Power: PCC Bulk Power Supply
Unisys 22500-DCM Power: DC Module
Unisys 2200-WIR Acc: LAN Wiring Center


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