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Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys CS7121-S System: CS7121 Single Domain, 2 Partitions 16X Max
Unisys CS7121-D System: CS7121 Dual Domain, 4 Partitions 32X Max


Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys CS77001-SPD Proc: Quad IA32/16M 4 X 700 MHz/1MB Cache
Unisys CS77002-SPD Proc: Quad IA32/16M 4 X 700 MHz/2MB Cache
Unisys XEO77001-1ML Proc: 700 MHz/1MB Cache
Unisys XEO77002-2ML Proc: 700 MHz/2MB Cache
Unisys MSU2000-MBD Mem: Memory Board w/ No Memory
Unisys RAM512-DIM Mem: 512MB Memory Dimm
Unisys RAM512-4G Mem: 4GB Memory Expansion
Unisys RAM512-8G Mem: 8GB Memory Expansion
Unisys SWH1000-UNS Instl: Uniscreen Switch
Unisys MIP1000-CON Console: Maint Interface Console (MIP)
Unisys APA1000-AMO Acc: Impeller Module
Unisys APA1000-CLK Acc: Redundant Clock Card
Unisys APA1000-MOP Power: Multi Output Supply
Unisys APA1000-POD Acc: Processor POD and Crossbar Interconnect
Unisys APA1132-SPD Acc: Quad Subpod
Unisys PCI3-FLP I/F: PCI Module 3 Volts
Unisys PCI3-MOD I/F: PCI Module 3.3 Volts
Unisys PCI5-MOD I/F: PCI Module 5V
Unisys PCI53-12 I/F: PCI POD 5 & 3V w/ Board
Unisys CS70001-PPX Acc: Partition Package w/ Drawer
Unisys CS70002-PPX Acc: Partition Package w/o Drawer
Unisys CS70003-PPX Acc: Partition Package w/ Drawer
Unisys CS70002-RIP Disk: Raid Package
Unisys CS70003-RIP Disk: Raid Package
Unisys EXD2121-IPL Rck: ES7K 1U IPL Rack
Unisys EXD2344-OTR Cabinet: ES7K 3U TP/OP Rack
Unisys CD2121032-RW Cdr: 32X Scsi CDRW
Unisys DVD1040-SI Cdr: DVD 10X/ CDROM 40X, Scsi
Unisys HDM181152-CX1 Disk: 18GB, 15K RPM Drive
Unisys HDM361152-CX1 Disk: 36GB, 15K RPM Drive
Unisys HDM72110-CX1 Disk: 72GB, 10K RPM Drive
Unisys PCI7602-P64 Ctrl: 2 Channel Scsi U160 ES7K
Unisys RAD76002-P64 Ctrl: 2 Channel Scsi U160 Raid
Unisys PCI400-1UD Ctrl: Dual Channel Scsi Diff
Unisys FCH720111-P64 Ctrl: Fibre CU LP8000 ES7K
Unisys FCH720113-P64 Ctrl: Fibre GLS LP8000 ES7K
Unisys FCH732213-P64 Ctrl: Fibre Channel 2 66 MHz
Unisys ETH100051-P64 Lan Hw: Gigabit Optical Ethernet
Unisys ETH100052-P64 Lan Hw: Gigabit Copper Ethernet
Unisys ETH1010053-PCI Lan Hw: 2 Port PCI Fast Ethernet
Unisys ETH22222-P64 Lan Hw: 10/100 Dual Port Ethernet
Unisys ETH23311-P64 Lan Hw: Gigabit Ethernet Optical
Unisys ETH23312-P64 Lan Hw: Gigabit Ethernet Copper
Unisys ETH32112-PCI Lan Hw: 10/100 MBPS, 1 Port
Unisys SWC41-SXR Ctrl: Switch Unit 4 Ports
Unisys SWC81-SXR Ctrl: Switch Unit 8 Ports
Unisys CBL121-SWC Cable: 12 FT SYS to ADJ Rack
Unisys CBL20-APX Cable: APEX
Unisys MON2145-LCD Display: 1U 15” LCD Monitor
Unisys PCK104-SKB Keybd: 104 Key Keyboard
Unisys KBR28301-SXR Keybd: Rack Mount Keyboard
Unisys KYB214-SXR Keybd: 1U Keyboard Shelf
Unisys APA1000-AC1 Power: AC Entry Module Single Phase
Unisys APA1000-AC2 Power: AC Entry Module 3 Phase
Unisys APA1000-AC3 Power: AC Entry Module 3 Phase Int’l
Unisys APA1000-ACE Power: AC Entry Module


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