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Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys DOR240-4 System: Dorado 240 Single Domain, Midrange
Unisys DOR240-SD Upgrade: Dorado 240 Single Domain to Dorado 240 Dual Domain
Unisys DOR2404-SPD Upgrade: Dorado 240 4 X Subpod w/ 32MB Cache
Unisys POD2020-EXP Upgrade: POD Expansion w/ Power Supplies
Unisys UPG7812-INT Upgrade: Intel Node
Unisys UPG7002-3IN Upgrade: 3rd Intel Node
Unisys PSP7470016-1MH Proc: 4 X 700 MHz/1MB Subpod
Unisys PSP7470016-2MH Proc: 4 X 700 MHz/2MB Subpod
Unisys PSP7490016-2MH Proc: 4 X 900 MHz/2MB Subpod
Unisys POD2010-EXP Upgrade: POD Expansion w/ Power Supplies Galletin
Unisys UPG7812-ING Upgrade: Intel Xeon Proc MP 1st Domain
Unisys UPG7822-ING Upgrade: Intel Xeon Proc MP
Unisys UPG7002-3IG Upgrade: 3rd Intel Xeon Proc MP Node
Unisys PSP4150032-1 Proc: 4 X 1.5 GHz/1MB Subpod
Unisys PSP4200032-1 Proc: 4 X 2.0 GHz/1MB Subpod
Unisys PSP4200032-2 Proc: 4 X 2.0 GHz/2MB Subpod
Unisys PSP4280032-2 Proc: 4 X 2.8 GHz/2MB Subpod
Unisys PSP4300032-4 Proc: 4 X 3.0 GHz/4MB Subpod


Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys MSU2000-MBD Memory: Memory Board w/ No Memory
Unisys INI7-1GB Memory: Initial 1GB Memory
Unisys INI7-4GB Memory: Initial 4GB Memory
Unisys RAM7-1GB Memory: 1GB Memory Expansion
Unisys RAM7-2GB Memory: 2GB Memory Expansion
Unisys RAM7-4GB Memory: 4GB Memory Expansion
Unisys RAM7-8GB Memory: 8GB Memory Expansion
Unisys RAM7-16G Memory: 16GB Memory Expansion
Unisys MIP2000-CON Console: SRVR PD2 MNTNC MIP
Unisys MIP2000-RED Console: Redundant MIP
Unisys CSR7802-CSR Console: SVR Rack Mount
Unisys HMP5000-WS Wrkst: HMP Workstation
Unisys CS7802-KBM Svr: K Bus Module
Unisys CS7802-KIO Comm Hw: CSIOPK PC Assembly
Unisys CS7802-DHC Acc: Datamover Host Connection
Unisys CS7802-DMK Acc: Datamover Kit
Unisys PCI32-ETH Comm Hw: 32B PCI Ethernet 10/100 Single Port
Unisys PCI32-GET Comm Hw: 32B PCI 1 Gigabit Ethernet Single Port
Unisys PCI32-GEC Comm Hw: 32B PCI 1 Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Single Port
Unisys PCI32-EXT Comm Hw: External PCI Expansion Rack (32 Bit)
Unisys PCI64-FDI Comm Hw: 64B PCIOPK FDDI
Unisys PCI64-GEC Comm Hw: 64B PCIOPK Gigabit Ethernet
Unisys PCI64-GET Comm Hw: 64B PCIOPK Gigabit Copper Ethernet
Unisys PCI64-MYR Comm Hw: Myrinet Dorado Host PCA
Unisys PCI64-EXT Comm Hw: External 4U PCI Rack (64 Bit)
Unisys PCI643-GEC Comm Hw: PCIOPK3 1GB Ethernet Copper
Unisys PCI643-GET Comm Hw: PCIOPK3 1GB Ethernet Fibre
Unisys PCI643-FIB I/O: Dorado K Bus I/O Processor w/1 Fibre HBA and 1 Exp I/F
Unisys PCI643-MYR I/O: XPC-L Host I/F for Dorado 100 and 200 Series
Unisys RM5-CA4 Instl: Channel Rack Module
Unisys RM5-C4R Instl: Redundant Channel Rack Module
Unisys FTE5-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 5 Ft
Unisys FTE5-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 5 Ft
Unisys FTE20-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 20 Ft
Unisys FTE20-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 20 Ft
Unisys FTE25-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 25 Ft
Unisys FTE25-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 25 Ft
Unisys CA225-BMC I/F: Block Mux Channel Adapter-2 Channels
Unisys CA225-USC I/F: USCON Channel Adapter-1 Channel
Unisys CA322-SCI Adapter: Diff Scsi 2W
Unisys CA332-SCI Adapter: Ultra Diff Scsi 2W
Unisys CA3000-ETH I/F: Ethernet Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA661-CU Adapter: High Perf Fibre Channel, Copper
Unisys FCA662-SW Adapter: High Perf Fibre Channel, Shortwave
Unisys FCA663-LW Adapter: High Perf Fibre Channel, Longwave
Unisys PCI7602-P64 Ctrl: 2 Channel Scsi U160
Unisys FCH732213-P64 Ctrl: Fibre Channel 2 66MHz
Unisys ETH100051-P64 Lan Hw: PCI GB NIC
Unisys ETH100052-P64 Lan Hw: PCI GB Copper
Unisys ETH1010052-PCI Lan Hw: PCI Fast Ethernet
Unisys ETH23311-P64 Comm Hw: Gigabit Ethernet Optical
Unisys ETH23312-P64 Comm Hw: Gigabit Ethernet Copper
Unisys ETH32112-PCI Lan Hw: 10/100 MBPS, 1 Port
Unisys ETH33321-PCX Lan Hw: Gigabit Fibre, 2 Ports
Unisys ETH33322-PCX Lan Hw: Gigabit Copper, 2 Ports
Unisys MON2145-LCD Display: 1U LCD 15” Monitor
Unisys KBM295-CRM Keybd: 95 Key Keyboard & Mouse
Unisys KBR28301-SXR Keybd: Rack Mounted Keyboard
Unisys APA1000-MOP Power: Multi Output Supply
Unisys APA1000-AC1 Power: AC Entry Module Single Phase
Unisys APA1000-AC2 Power: AC Entry Module 3 Phase
Unisys APA1000-AC3 Power: AC Entry Module 3 Phase Int’l


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