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Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys IX4401-SA1 System: IX4401 1 Processor, 1 PCC Cabinet 1X1
Unisys IX4401-1 System: IX4401 1 Processor, 1 PCC Cabinet 1X1
Unisys IX4401-SB2 System: IX4401 2 Processors, 1 PCC Cabinet 2X1
Unisys IX4401-2 System: IX4401 2 Processors, 1 PCC Cabinet 2X1
Unisys IX4402-2 System: IX4402 2 Processors, 2 PCC Cabinets 2X2
Unisys IX4402-3 System: IX4402 3 Processors, 2 PCC Cabinets 3X2
Unisys IX4402-4 System: IX4402 4 Processors, 2 PCC Cabinets 4X2
Unisys IX4403-4 System: IX4403 4 Processors, 3 PCC Cabinets 4X3
Unisys IX4403-5 System: IX4403 5 Processors, 3 PCC Cabinets 5X3
Unisys IX4403-6 System: IX4403 6 Processors, 3 PCC Cabinets 6X3
Unisys IX4404-7 System: IX4404 7 Processors, 4 PCC Cabinets 7X4
Unisys IX4404-8 System: IX4404 8 Processors, 4 PCC Cabinets 8X4


Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys IX440011-A11 Upgrade: IX4401-A1 to IX4401-1
Unisys IX440011-AB2 Upgrade: IX4401-A1 to IX4401-B2
Unisys IX440021-BB2 Upgrade: IX4401-B2 to IX4402-B2
Unisys IX440021-B21 Upgrade: IX4401-B2 to IX4401-2
Unisys IX440022-B22 Upgrade: IX4402-B2 to IX4402-2
Unisys IX440011-21 Upgrade: IX4401-1 to IX4401-2
Unisys IX440021-22 Upgrade: IX4401-2 to IX4402-2
Unisys IX440022-32 Upgrade: IX4402-2 to IX4402-3
Unisys IX440032-42 Upgrade: IX4402-3 to IX4402-4
Unisys IX440042-43 Upgrade: IX4402-4 to IX4403-4
Unisys IX440043-53 Upgrade: IX4403-4 to IX4403-5
Unisys IX440053-63 Upgrade: IX4403-5 to IX4403-6
Unisys IX440063-74 Upgrade: IX4403-6 to IX4404-7
Unisys IX440074-84 Upgrade: IX4404-7 to IX4404-8
Unisys 225032-MI Memory: Initial 32MW MSU
Unisys 225064-MI Memory: Initial 64MW MSU
Unisys MS2-64M Memory: 64MW MSU Expansion
Unisys 3000-MS2 Memory: 64MW Memory
Unisys PIX225032-MSU Memory: 32MW MSU Upgrade
Unisys PIX225064-MSU Memory: 64MW MSU Upgrade
Unisys PIX225064-MI Memory: Initial 64MW MSU
Unisys IX4400-CSB I/F: CSIOP Basic I/O
Unisys IX4400-CSI I/F: CSIOP PCA
Unisys IX4400-CSC Instl: CSIOP Rear Cover
Unisys 22500-XBR Instl: Crossbar Cabinet with XBR Clock
Unisys IX4000-CC Console: SPO Add Consolidated
Unisys IX4000-3CC Console: Consolidated Non Partition
Unisys IX4000-4CC Console: Consolidated Partition
Unisys IX4000-LC Console: SPO Additional
Unisys IX4000-1LC Console: Multi Non Partition
Unisys IX4000-2LC Console: Multi Partition
Unisys IX4000-SPO Console: SPO Acc Consolidated
Unisys IX4001-SPO Console: SPO Acc Multiple
Unisys IX4010-CHC Console: Hardware Cabinet w/Power Strips
Unisys IX4010-SPO Console: SPO/HMP Consolidated
Unisys IX4011-SPO Console: SPO/HMP Legacy
Unisys IX4400-CHC Console: Hardware Cabinet w/Power Strips
Unisys LT501-SPO Console: X-Terminal
Unisys SE22545-BMR I/F: BMC Rack w/ IOP 500SE
Unisys 22545-BMR I/F: 22500 BMC Rack w/ IOP
Unisys 22545-BMC I/F: 4.5 Block Mux Channel
Unisys SE22500-4BM I/F: SE22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys SE22500-BM2 I/F: SE22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys 22500-4BM I/F: 4.5 Block Mux Channel
Unisys 22500-BM2 I/F: 22500 Block Mux Channel
Unisys RM500-EXP I/F: Channel Rack Module
Unisys FTE20-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/20 FT
Unisys FTE20-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/20 FT
Unisys CA312-SCI Adapter: Scsi Diff Channel Adapter
Unisys 22500-SC Console: 2200/500
Unisys 22500-BLK Power: PCC Bulk Power Supply
Unisys 22500-DCM Power: DC Module
Unisys 2200-WIR Acc: LAN Wiring Center


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