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Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys IX5801-1 System: IX5800 Single Domain, 1 Processor 1X1
Unisys IX5801-2 System: IX5800 Single Domain, 2 Processors 2X1
Unisys IX5801-3 System: IX5800 Single Domain, 3 Processors 3X1
Unisys IX5801-4 System: IX5800 Single Domain, 4 Processors 4X1
Unisys IX5802-2 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 2 Processors 2X2
Unisys IX5802-3 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 3 Processors 3X2
Unisys IX5802-4 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 4 Processors 4X2
Unisys IX5802-5 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 5 Processors 5X2
Unisys IX5802-6 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 6 Processors 6X2
Unisys IX5802-7 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 7 Processors 7X2
Unisys IX5802-8 System: IX5800 Dual Domain, 8 Processors 8X2


Manufacturer Model/Style # Description
Unisys IX580011-21 Upg: IX5801-1 to IX5801-2
Unisys IX580021-31 Upg: IX5801-2 to IX5801-3
Unisys IX580031-41 Upg: IX5801-3 to IX5801-4
Unisys IX580011-22 Upg: IX5801-1 to IX5802-2
Unisys IX580021-32 Upg: IX5801-2 to IX5802-3
Unisys IX580022-32 Upg: IX5802-2 to IX5802-3
Unisys IX580032-42 Upg: IX5802-3 to IX5802-4
Unisys IX580042-52 Upg: IX5802-4 to IX5802-5
Unisys IX580052-62 Upg: IX5802-5 to IX5802-6
Unisys IX580062-72 Upg: IX5802-6 to IX5802-7
Unisys IX580072-82 Upg: IX5802-7 to IX5802-8
Unisys MS2-64M Mem: 64MW Expansion
Unisys 3000-MS3 Mem: MSU with 64MW Memory
Unisys UCP2-MIO Instl: CSIOP PCA
Unisys IX5000-NIO Instl: CSIOPN PCA
Unisys IX5000-FET I/F: Fast Ethernet Package
Unisys CA3000-DM2 I/F: Data Mover
Unisys IX4000-CC Console: SPO Add Consolidated
Unisys IX4000-1CC Console: Consolidated- Non Partitionable
Unisys IX4000-LC Console: SPO Additional
Unisys IX4000-1LC Console: SPO Non Partitionable
Unisys IX4000-2LC Console: SPO Partitionable
Unisys IX4010-CHC Console: Hardware Cab with Power
Unisys IX4010-SPO Console: SPO/HMP Consolidated
Unisys IX4011-SPO Console: SPO/HMP Legacy
Unisys HMP5000-WS Wrst: HMP Workstation
Unisys TYP7-CON Console: Clearpath SC
Unisys IX4000-2CC Console: Consolidated Partitionable
Unisys RM5-CA4 Instl: Channel Rack Module
Unisys RM5-C4R Instl: Redundant Channel Rack Module
Unisys RM6-RM3 Instl: Conversion Kit 6U to 3U
Unisys FTE5-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 5 FT
Unisys FTE5-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 5 FT
Unisys FTE20-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 20 FT
Unisys FTE20-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 20 FT
Unisys FTE25-3U Instl: 3U Feedthru w/ 25 FT
Unisys FTE25-6U Instl: 6U Feedthru w/ 25 FT
Unisys CA225-BMC I/F: Block Mux Channel -2 Channels
Unisys CA225-USC I/F: USCON- 1 Channel
Unisys CA312-SCI Adapter: Differential Scsi 2
Unisys CA322-SCI Adapter: Differential Scsi 2W
Unisys CA332-SCI Adapter: Differential Scsi 2W Ultra
Unisys CA380-FET Adapter: Fast Ethernet
Unisys CA602-BAS Adapter: FDDI Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA601-CU Comm Hw: Copper Fibre Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA601-SW Comm Hw: Shortwave Fibre Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA621-CU Comm Hw: Copper Fibre Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA621-SW Comm Hw: Shortwave Fibre Channel Adapter
Unisys FCA621-LW Comm Hw: Longwave Fibre Channel Adapter
Unisys CA3000-ETH I/F: Ethernet Channel Adapter
Unisys FDI101-PCI Lan Hw: FDDI PCI Card
Unisys CBL60-50 Cable: 50 FT BMC FIPS 60
Unisys CBL60-100 Cable:100 FT BMC FIPS 60


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