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Why Work With CEVA?

CEVA COMPUTER CORPORATION is a premier worldwide reseller of Unisys, EMC and Storagetek equipment with a history of quality service for the past 19 years.

We buy, sell, lease and repair a wide range of Unisys Systems, upgrades and parts as well as disk and tape subsystems and other peripherals.

CEVA COMPUTER CORPORATION has the largest inventory of Unisys, EMC and Storagetek equipment. Our in-house engineers and sales staff have over 30 years of experience in the configuring and testing of Burroughs, Sperry and Unisys equipment.

Our in-house engineers thoroughly configure, test and refurbish each piece of equipment prior to shipment.

Our inventory along with our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff set us apart from other brokers. We not only have the equipment, but we know it inside and out and will provide you with the best price possible.

We buy, sell, lease, repair, maintain, and provide site spares.